domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

Pa la Karolina

Feliz cumple, Zorrón!!!! Y para celebrarlo, ¿qué mejor que un tiramisú engalanado con sangre de regla?

Anger is good. Anger is better than what Haitao is feeling (fearfulness), than apathy or, what did Maggi Smallwood call it? Perlerorneq, the awareness of the futility of all. Despair. Underneath my anger I am all too aware that I've been as paralyzed as Haitao is now.

There is sometihn exhilarating about being the one who is intrepid. I think, I have done it, I have saved us. We go step by cautios step across the catwalk an I am exhausted and angry and full of hard, terrible joy. We have survived. Yes, it was luck as much as anything else, but we made our own luck. The chain and tackle system dangles inlines and shadows all around us, the light slowly brightnes above us. There is purity of form and line; reality, hard lean reality is very beautiful.
Maureen McHugh, China Mountain Zhang

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Anarco Cerda Sudaka dijo...

creo conocer ese plato jajaj

Autolísica dijo...

yo también,jjjjj

ceci dijo...

y yo....lo conozco como si fuera mia..

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